I always knew I wanted to design and build things.  My mother bought me Tonka trucks and Lincoln Logs to build IMG 1578
with as a child.  It was and is always on my mind.  I dream almost every night of ways to make projects better and more interesting for those who use them. 

I started in 1978 when I was chosen from a handful of students to attend a new vocational high school. There were limited seats from 5 or 6 schools but I knew I would be chosen.  It was my destiny you see :)  I went on to be my building trades teacher's favorite student! Ha! He even entered me into a brick laying competition where I finished last because I was leveling each brick and was too slow.  This level of attention to detail has served me well I think.  I turned out to be a much better carpenter than brick layer.  Now I just hire the brick layers!

Since then I have spent most of my career learning all that I could about my industry.  I even spent 7 years in architecture and made my way up to an associate level in a local architecture firm.  This experience gave me valuable insight into the world of design-build and today I am enjoying providing these services to my customers.

I offer unique experience to my customers and I hope that you will become one of them.