**UPDATE:  We have a realtor now!  Contact them here rebhomeshop.com

Our current home is my most favorite to date.  I wanted to try my hand at modern design and I must say I did a great job :)  It is now for sale. Please see the description below for details.

  • Pan View
    Pan View
  • Floor Plans
    Floor Plans
  • Living Room
    Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Stair
  • Kitchen/Living Area
    Kitchen/Living Area
  • Front Elevation
    Front Elevation
  • Original Sketch
    Original Sketch
  • Ballyhill Rails
    Ballyhill Rails

The home has 4 bedrooms and 4 baths.  It also has an office and shop on the first floor.  The shop can be used for a play room, exercise room or for whatever your heart desires.

The home has a gross square footage of 4,092 with 3,208 square feet heat and cooled space.  The garage has a large 18' door and is 884 SF. Large enough for 2 full sized vehicles with storage. The home has gas heat with a gas tankless water heater.  The home is super energy efficient as a call to local utilities will verify.

Do not fear the driveway.  It is not as steep as first appears and a few trips up and down and you will be glad the house is designed for easy access to the main level with only a few steps up from the garage.  This is rare in North Chattanooga homes.

The listed price is $459,000.  Please gain pre-approval for your financing before asking to view the home. We appreciate this as we are busy building other interesting homes in Chattanooga and our time will be limited to serious buyers only.  You can download the offer form here. You can contact us here.   Just click on the contact form and request a call.